Another job opening in the Trump administration

WHEN President Donald Trump gathered his cabinet secretaries around a table and invited them to sing his praises, his administration was compared to an early scene in “King Lear”. Four months later, it is looking more like the last act of “Hamlet”, such is the rising body count. On September 29th Tom Price was pushed out as secretary of health and human services, following a series of revelations about his penchant for taking private jets at public expense. This made him at least the ninth senior member of the administration to have been purged in the eight months of its existence.

For a president sworn to “drain the swamp”—that is, to attack the culture of insiderism, back-scratching and special favours that prevails in Washington, DC, Mr Price’s travel tastes were embarrassing. Investigations by Politico revealed that the former Republican congressman had spent over half a million dollars of public money on 27 private-jet flights since early May, including several for trips that appeared to mix business with…Continue reading


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