“We Don’t Talk About Her”, Kellyanne Crushes Hillary With Multiple Brutal Zingers In Response To Her Book

Hillary Clinton is releasing her new book ‘What Happened’, dedicated to blaming her election loss on everything accept for herself. Kellyanne Conway commented on her book. Her zingers were brilliant.

“When people say that those of us who work in the Trump administration are still talking about Hillary Clinton, are still talking about the campaign, it’s because she won’t go away. If she really wanted to have a strong solid voice moving forward, why isn’t she running some kind of charitable operation?” said Kellyanne.

“We don’t want to pay much mind. We don’t talk about her (at the White House) at all. She just keeps on coming back again and again, now with the book. It’s always somebody else’s fault except hers,” said Kellyanne.

“This whole anecdote about a woman who is seeking the highest office in the land, if not the world, saying that a man was intimidating because of where he was standing at a debate. How are you going to stand up to the rest of the world’s leaders if that was bothering you?” she asked.

“She’s always had a very hard time admitting culpability and liability for her losses,” Conway said. “You see all these other books that are coming out showing that they were shocked at results. It’s Comey’s fault, it’s Russia’s fault, it’s Donald Trump’s fault, it was the weather’s fault,” she said. Check out the video below.

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