Judge Refuses To Allow Lawsuit Against The DNC, The Reason Why Is Disgustin

The Democratic Party is so corrupt, that even Democrats are trying to stand up to them. Many Bernie Sanders’ supporters were pissed off at the DNC’s clear attempts to rig the system in favor of Hillary Clinton. The Bernie Sanders supporters tried taking them to court, but a Judge completely threw the case away.

“To the extent Plaintiffs wish to air their general grievances with the DNC or its candidate selection process, their redress is through the ballot box, the DNC’s internal workings, or their right of free speech——not through the judiciary,” wrote Judge Zloch.

“The Plaintiffs asserting each of these causes of action specifically allege that they donated to the DNC or to Bernie Sanders’s campaign. But not one of them alleges that they ever read the DNC’s charter or heard the statements they now claim are false before making their donations,” said Zloch.

“And not one of them alleges that they took action in reliance on the DNC’s charter or the statements identified in the First Amended Complaint (DE 8). Absent such allegations, these Plaintiffs lack standing,” said Zloch.

“The act of donating to an organization does not, of itself, create a legally protected interest in the organization’s operations,” wrote Judge Zloch. Is Zloch trying to pretend the DNC wasn’t caught providing Hillary Clinton with questions before hand? For more read here

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