“House Negroes Stand Up!” Herman Cain Shows Support For Ben Carson In A Shocking Way

Former black Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain stood up for Ben Carson in a very shocking way. Democrats have been known to think that all black people must agree with them. They get very angry and become the biggest racists ever when a black person thinks independently. As a result, they hate both Ben Carson and Herman Cain.

A Michigan Chronicle op-ed called Ben Carson “house negro”. This is a racist term meaning a black person who happily serves white people. “Since the Michigan Chronicle, a historically black Detroit-based newspaper, thinks Dr. Ben Carson is a “house Negro”, then I must be one also. Because that’s one of the names you get called by other black people when you are a success at something, and you do not buy into “black group think”, or act and say what they want you to say,” wrote Cain.

“Gentle Dr. Ben Carson is too nice to respond to that garbage article and name-calling by the Michigan Chronicle, but I’m not!” he wrote.

“Dr. Carson didn’t become a world-renowned brain surgeon by being a ‘house Negro.’ He achieved this distinction because of his intellect and the results he produced in his profession,” Cain wrote.

“Dr. Carson had plenty of other better paying and less stressful opportunities to choose from before he accepted the HUD position, but he chose to serve his country and a president who is truly trying to create a better America,” he wrote.

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