OMG! After Protesters Interrupted Trump’s Prayer For Steve Scalise, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

President Trump returned to Iowa last night and spoke to a sold out arena full of his supporters. The patriotic crowd was excited to see the President, despite the 24/7 negative coverage from the mainstream media.

There was a beautiful moment where Trump sent his thoughts and prayers to Steve Scalise, honoring the brave Congressman who is fighting for his life. But as he praised Scalise, a group of SICK Liberal protesters started blowing whistles.

The crowd was in shock that these protesters could be this evil. Trump paused his comments and the entire crowd booed the protesters. Right away, Trump had the protesters thrown out and the crowd chanted “USA USA!”

As the Police escorted them out, Trump simply smiled and said, “We love our Police.” The crowd continued cheering, showing support for Trump and his thoughtful comments for Scalise

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