Mike Pence JUST Made A Huge Promise To Every American… The Media Hates It

Vice President Mike Pence promised to deliver on some huge savings to Americans during a speech at the National Association of Manufacturers summit on Tuesday. Those savings will mainly come in the form of tax cuts and replacing Obamacare and it’s out-of-control price hikes.

There is expected to be wide disagreements within the GOP over the direction and scope of the new health care plan, but Pence vowed to have an Obamacare replacement “before the summer is over.”

The Senate is currently working on its Obamacare replacement and will hopefully vote on it by July 4th. Once it passes the Senate, it will go to the House, and with enough support from Congress President Trump can sign it into law.

Equally exciting, Pence promised that we will have our tax cuts before 2018, saying:

“We will get tax cuts done, and we will get them done this year.”

Woohoo! This is all part of President Trump’s plan to boost the American economy and spur job creation by putting more money into the pockets of the average person and business.

The new tax plan has yet to be fully developed, but we know for sure the Republicans are committed to a 15% corporate tax rate- which could lead to huge savings to consumers and lead to more job creation!

We do not know yet if the tax plan will involve a full-scale tax reform or only tax cuts, but Liberty Writers will be keeping a close eye on any developments- so stay tuned! And let’s face it, any savings we can get will be a big win for the American people.

The media likes to bash the Trump Administration, but Mike Pence just set us all straight- the government is still working hard to deliver Americans the change we deserve, and we can expect major tax and healthcare reform very soon!

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