Megyn Kelly In Big Trouble For Making Anti-Black Statements

Megyn Kelly’s new career at NBC is not going as she, her agents and her new liberal network had hoped. Her interviews with Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones were both poorly reviewed and poorly rated, and now talk has started that NBC may cut their losses and move on from their mistake.

A reporter for Variety magazine recently wrote an article that sharply criticized Megyn for her failures so far at NBC, and paid close attention to anti-black statements she made, which is giving her serious trouble in getting an audience at the left-wing network.

Sonia Saraiya wrote a column titled “NBC’s Megyn Kelly Problem” and had the sub-heading “The network’s vaunted new hire has whiffed her first opportunities to shine. Did NBC make a $17.5m mistake?” Wrote Sonia, detailing one of Kelly’s biggest issues, “On top of all of this there’s the fact that Kelly has a history of cringeworthy statements about black people — and is about to debut in a timeslot that happens to draw a large African-American female audience. According to Nielsen data for the 2015-16 season, African-American women comprised 23.1% of the total TV audience in the (nearly synchronous) 7 a.m.- 3 p.m. time frame, making them the largest component of the daytime viewership base, ahead of white (16.3%), Hispanic (12.6%) and Asian (7.6%) women.”

She then referenced as an example an anti-black statement Megyn made at Fox, where she said, “Well, think about that. Think about that. … Now you’re going to have instances like this where Black Panthers and others can go to the polling stations and do this if they so choose. And they just basically are gonna get a pass because while it’s not an official thing, it’s been made very clear to all the rank-and-file voting rights attorneys in the DOJ those cases are not to be pursued.”

Continued Soraiya in slamming Megyn, “Given all of this, NBC’s logic in hiring Kelly — for an annual salary, according to industry sources, of $17.5 million — was already murky. Now, “Sunday Night” has called into question Kelly’s capacity to do her job appropriately. The entire rigmarole with Alex Jones was a series of unforced errors: Amateur decision-making, lightweight investigation, and vaguely defined motives. She has floundered in interviews on-camera and made to look either dishonest or unprofessional off-camera. And her essential sense of newsworthiness is oddly awry; after all of the hullabaloo defending her interview of Jones, she couldn’t manage to get the segment to coalesce around a news peg.” Should NBC fire Megyn?

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