After Democrats Turned Against Her, Nancy Pelosi Just Said ONE Thing That All Republicans Will LOVE

Nancy Pelosi is remaining defiant in the face of mounting losses for the Democrats and mounting criticisms from within her own party. She refused to step down, called herself a “master legislator” and bragged about her abilities as a political strategist and fundraiser during a press conference Thursday. Although most of us would be laughing hysterically at this idea, apparently she was serious.

Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff’s crushing defeat in the Georgia Sixth District Special Election prompted many Democrats to start questioning her position as Minority Speaker of the House and one of the major leaders of the Democratic Party.

Jon Ossoff was often criticized for his connection to Pelosi, and Republicans used Pelosi’s unpopularity against him during his debates.

Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) had some strong words for Pelosi during an interview on MSNBC Thursday morning, saying:

“Nancy Pelosi was a great speaker. She is a great leader. But her time has come and gone. There comes a time in every leader’s life that they have to know it’s time to leave and usher in the next generation of leaders.”

One South Carolina Democrat running for Congress in 2018 has already tried to distance himself from her, claiming he will vote against Pelosi as speaker if he gets elected:

Pelosi, however, seemed nonplussed, saying during her long winded and rambling press conference: “I love the arena. I thrive on competition…I think I’m worth the trouble.”

Keep telling yourself that, Nancy! President Trump had an awesome reaction to Pelosi’s refusal to step down, which I think sums up what we were all thinking:

Sounds about right! I hope Pelosi stays on for a long, long time and takes the whole Democratic Party down with her.

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