Conservative Just Got Arrested For What He Said On Facebook, What About Free Speech?

One of the core values of the Western world is freedom of expression, although that has come under fire by liberals who are weakening our rights as citizens by trying to put speech codes into place regarding what we can and cannot say.

This trend just hit a new all-time low recently when a man in Great Britain, where free speech is also a core part of their society, was arrested simply for making a comment on Facebook that some felt was offensive.

Recently, a man with an anti-Muslim agenda made an attack with a van outside a Muslim mosque in London. The authorities believe that the assault was meant to be retaliation for the radical Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred in the English cities of Manchester and London.

A 37 year old man in South Wales named Richard Evans had an unfortunate connection to this counter-attack, since his father owns the vehicle rental company from which the assailant rented his van.

Commented Evans on his Facebook page in what was surely nothing more than an off-color, ill-advised joke, “Glad I’m not running the van hire the police wouldn’t like what my answer would be.” He added, “It’s my dad’s company I don’t get involved it’s a shame they don’t hire out steam rollers or tanks could have done a tidy job then.” This comment was enough for Evans to get arrested by police and “held on suspicion of displaying threatening, abusive, insulting written material with intent that is likely to stir up racial hatred.” Do you think political correctness has gone too far?

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